Facebook Reviews

Ginger Giguere
December 31, 2020
Love this place! It’s amazing ? and the crystals are amazing

Matt Herrbold
September 29, 2020
Stopped in on a Sunday and very glad we did! Who would have guessed Wisconsin has an awesome little prospecting store! Anything you might need for prospecting or rock hounding, owner is very knowledgeable and friendly. Was amazed that this shop was better than most of the prospecting rock stores I’ve been in across the country, stop and say “hi!”

Travis Tasha Newlin
September 25, 2020
We were here with our homeschool group today for a field trip and it was fantastic! They had a great program set up to share a ton of information, answered all the kids questions, and were extremely pleasant, patient, and kind. We will be back to visit soon!

Karissa Seidel
July 9, 2020
My 9 yr old son and I visited Ron and his wife last week. Ron was very kind and knowledgeable. They have a great selection of grab bags for the kiddos to sift through in the water trough outside and cracking the geodes is very addicting! Everything is very reasonably priced as well. We will be back for more!

Shelly Gurosko
June 20, 2020
Wonderful place! So much fun and very interesting. The owner is so nice and knowledgeable. Never thought you could have so much fun sifting through sand but you can!!!

Kelly Catherine
August 11, 2019
Love this little gem of a store (no pun intended). We were pleasantly surprised at the variety and size of gorgeous crystals! Very reasonably priced and we had a blast picking out geodes and cracking them. Definitely will be returning for more! From age nine to 61, we all really enjoyed ourselves.

Stacy Sue
August 18, 2019
We loved this place! Got to go mining for gems and got a great lesson in rock types!! Also a great selection of unique gems for purchase.

Sue Schwartz
August 11, 2019
What an awesome place to visit!! Owner is a wonderful man who bends over backwards for his customers!! All you metaphysical folks who love crystals, visit this shop!!!

Bonny Huber
August 24, 2019
Soo much fun and educational too!!!

Karen Brown
August 24, 2019
Cool shop, my Granddaughter loved it?

Janet Harrell
August 16, 2018
Such an awesome place! Had a great time panning for gemstones!

Adam Whitney
July 6, 2018
Great little shop. My son is a huge rock collector and we discovered this shop while driving to the summer rental. The proprietor was patient and kind with the kids. We bought several bags to sift and discover mystery gems and fossils including ruby, agate, sharks teeth, and a mystery surprise! Kids loved it.

Gina LaCombe
August 26, 2017
So happy I happened upon your little store! I love my new “treasures” and enjoyed talking with you! I have a metal detector on my Christmas list, and I was happy to start my son’s rock collection for when he is a little older. Looking forward to visiting again soon!

Google Reviews

Karlie Elizabeth
Literally such a nice guy!! My boyfriend and I stopped by, we cracked two geodes and they were beautiful!! Everything is at a good price and Ron was even kind enough to give me two free crystals. Fantastic experience, can’t wait to go again 🙂

We enjoyed our visit today. You can pick out and have a goed cracked right in front of you. You can purchase a variety of bags for the kids to prospect in the water outside. The prices were very reasonable. The owner was very knowledgeable about real prospecting and they had real supplies. They also had a large selection of metal detectors too.

M Hay
Cheapest prices I’ve seen on crystals and geodes. Ron is always willing to answers questions. Great selection of geodes and crystals.
Every rock is guaranteed to be a geode. I picked a rock that had nothing inside and I was able to pick another geode. You never know what kind you will get, but it will be amazing.

Undercover Auditor
I’ve been there once. And I’m going back today. This is the kind of shop where I want one of each item you have!

Sarah Suhm
Amazing! Great place for older kids and above. Geodes you can pick out
and have opened in front of you. Nice selection of amethyst and prospecting tools.

Selfdefensecanesdotcom Dzonkey
WOW, you can pick out a genuine geo stone rock from Prospertor Ron’s several bins, and watch him crack it open to discover your own geo stone inside, never befor seen. A one of a kind unique discovery. Ron also has an interesting supply of prospecting equipment besides his wealth of knowledge.

Kathryn Quesnell
Prices on samples are great, and rockhounding equipment is also for sale. The owner is so knowledgeable on local geology and techniques. We were on the way home and in a bit of a rush… but I honestly wish that we visited before heading up north. I can’t emphasize enough how kind the shop owner was.

Flour gold Wizards
Ron seems to really know his business and is willing to pass along his knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Very nice to have some prospecting resources in the area as well. Thanks Ron !

Old Man of the North
Nice place. Friendly and knowledgeable owner.

Kimberly Ebbinger
Very friendly