Pike River Prospecting LLC is a Rock Shop that has Geode Cracking and Mining for Gems. We do not mine in the Pike River at all, it is only the name of our company.

Ron Smith

Pike River Prospecting was founded in 2013 as a portable business that went to fairs and festivals, with the primary part of the business being Gem Mining with the addition of rocks, minerals, and a few Gold Prospecting items. The customers spoke and rocks and minerals soon became the largest part of our business as it remains to this day.

The drudgery and hard work setting up and tearing down made it more practical to find a permanent location to place the business. The location next to Wausaukee Schools was selected because it was in a little town that was on its way up after the main street was redone, and because of all the nice people that live here.

“Pike River Prospecting LLC is the rock shop to go to to have family fun.”
Here are some of our features:

  • Reasonably priced rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils.
  • Two kinds of gem mining, wet and now dry mining in sand.
  • Geode Cracking featuring multiple choices of geode types.
  • Prospecting Equipment. We are the only bricks and mortar shop that carries a wide selection of prospecting equipment in the Upper Midwest.
  • We carry three brands of metal detectors and equipment.