Equipment and Supplies

Metal Detectors

We carry three brands of metal detectors right now and mainly order the higher-end products as needed for the customer.

Garret Metal Detectors, many years an industry leader.

Nokta Makro, the number one selling brand at Pike River Prospecting because of their Simplex+ metal detector. The N/M company is coming out with the new model known as the Legend that is causing a lot of excitement in the industry as a Simultaneous Multi-Frequency product.

XP is the manufacturer of the Deus, the ORX, and now the DeusII model. Deus is known as the King of the Iron Patch, and a lot is expected as the Deus II rolls out with Simultaneous Multi-Frequency technology.

Cors Labs metal detecting coils. Consistently Cors Labs search coils outperform many of the stock coils that manufacturers produce, or the after-market coils come in a configuration that the stock coils do not.

Because of shipping backlogs some items are not always available so call ahead if you are driving from very far.

Gold Prospecting

Pike River Prospecting is proud to carry many fine prospecting products from very reputable manufacturers.

Royal MFG Industries makers of aluminum sluice boxes, highbankers, picks, scoops, and digging tools.

Robinson Prospecting Equipment produces a small composite sluice that is easy to carry in and set up and requires no mat.

Gold Cube is a well-engineered sluicing machine that comes in a couple of configurations that are designed to get the gold out of heavy concentrations of the mining processes, from Great Lakes black sand to the Yukon big gold operations. *See Events and Workshops.

Pioneer Mining Supplies, we do have a dealership for Pioneer Mining Supplies but only for pans and sifters. Prospector Ron prefers their sifters because they fit down inside of a five-gallon pail making them sit down towards the water and don’t go above the top of the pail too high.

Garrett Gold Pans and Sifter

We also stock various small prospecting equipment like snifter bottles, hand scoops, gold vials, gold scales, display items, and many more items.